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The most advanced matrix calculator with the most efficient interface

Use this online Matrix Calculator to perform matrix algebra, calculate matrix expressions containing up to eight matrices including complex matrices. You can use this Matrix Calculator to solve linear system of equations too. Add, multiply and even divide (multiply by inverse of) compatible matrices. Use this Matrix Calculator to easily calculate the determinant, inverse and adjugate of square matrices and find the rank of a matrix. Also transform matrices to lower triangular, upper triangular and reduced row echelon forms. Full instruction

Note: One interface for all matrices including augmented matrices representing systems of linear eqautions! The matrix calculator remembers the dimensions and entries of all matrices and wether a matrix is augmented or not. Just select a named matrix from the drop-down list and set its dimensions and fill the matrix with real or complex numbers. You can increase the dimensions of a selected matrix by adding rows or columns to it by pressing the + (insert row or insert column) buttons provided. You can also set the dimensions of a selected matrix by entering the number of its rows or columns in the text boxes provided or, convinently, by pressing the numbered buttons on the left of a row or above a column, respectively.

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